Developing a plan

Your journey with Inspire will start with us working alongside you and providing expertise as you develop the best possible strategy for your business to win in its chosen markets. You may already have this in place and in that case, we will build upon it with access to experts, finance and investment, finding new markets and connecting you with other successful businesses to work with.

Having the future in mind is crucial and gives focus to your goals and ambitions. We begin with the end in mind and work with you to develop a clear vision of what you want to achieve in your business, both in the next three to five years as well as further into the future. Is the plan to grow the value of the business in order to maximise the sale value or could you see your business providing an income in retirement or being passed on to members of your family.

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It’s one thing having a clear strategy plan for your business, but a precise and successful implementation is vital.

Putting your plan into action and measuring its progress is essential. Across businesses of all sizes, 80 per cent of strategic plans fail at the implementation stage. Inspire can support you to ensure you have all the expertise you need to execute your strategy successfully and win against your competition who may well fall into the 80 per cent.

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The third ingredient of a successful strategy is creating a winning market proposition. A well thought out strategy will be based on thorough market and customer research.

This means having a deep understanding of your market, what your customers want, a clear analysis of what your competitors offer and how you outperform them. Keeping ahead by anticipating changes in your market, customer preferences and developing technologies is vital. Inspire can connect you to leading research in the academic world as well as market intelligence.

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Fourthly, to create a successful and winning business you must have the right leadership and the best possible team to deliver the plan.

Too often, because it requires courage, businesses put up with less than the best people. Inspire will work with you on the following:

  • Do you feel confident managing people and getting the best out of them?
  • Do you feel you have the leadership skills required to grow your business?
  • Do you have any areas of your management and leadership approach you would like to work on?

We have access to all the expertise you need and some of it is fully funded, saving you thousands of pounds in professional fees.

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The final ingredient for a successful strategy implementation is around bringing in the expertise to fill any gaps you have. Nobody is an expert at everything and admitting that and bringing in expertise is a key part of achieving success.

Inspire works with its client businesses to develop a winning strategy, to agree with them the areas in which outside expertise is needed, and to introduce them to the right experts and to link them to a community of well over 100 similar growing businesses for education and shared experience.

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