Highly experienced business leaders

We have a pool of highly experienced business leaders and operators who are expertly positioned to compliment your existing leadership capability and give you valuable additional bandwidth. Our Associate Directors are natural coaches and sounding boards, having run their own businesses and faced into some of the same challenges that you may be going through. They are ideally placed to get under the skin of your challenges and give you meaningful and practical help.

With deeper expertise in a range of specialisms, we can match your requirements to the right person who will not only help to identify solutions to address some of your challenges, but who could stay alongside you and actually deliver change and other projects. This approach allows you to continue to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business.

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Why Choose the Inspire Consultancy?

We identify the right experts so you get the result you need quickly and efficiently

Get that project completed to a high standard with the support of experienced business people who have been there and done it before

High levels of expertise at an affordable cost – designed specifically for SMEs

Pay as you go flexible pricing structure

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The right collection of help and support

Through the Associate Director role, these individuals also have access back into the wider Inspire network and can reach back and pull other partners into projects and programmes, should that be required. Often change projects will require a mixture of different skill and capability at different times. The Associate Directors are well equipped to scope out what you might need and get the right collection of help and support lined up in a planned and cost-efficient way.

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How can the Inspire Consultancy help you?

  • Chris

    Startup Founder




    Startup Founder

    Chris has built a business off the back of a hobby in renewable heating solutions. The business has enjoyed double digit growth for the past 5 years.

    He is 35, has a young family. He find himself struggling to move the business forwards in a planned way because he feels he has hit the limits of his current level of business knowledge. He needs to fill some gaps quickly to allow him to keep up the pace of growth.

    He needs to start employing more people. Understanding the complexities of the law and what’s involved is something he is not overly familiar with. He needs to get some governance and processes in place to protect the financial performance of the product. He needs to improve how he markets what he does and his commercial arrangements with clients.

    The Knowledge Accelerator would him to gain more insights in bite sized chucks alongside other business leaders in a similar. He would also benefit from accessing the Inspire Consultancy services to get experienced help in to the business and give him the bandwidth to get some of the governance and help he needs in place quickly and cost effectively.

  • Alice

    Business Owner




    Business Owner

    Alice is 40 and is the 3rd generation to run the family catering and events business. She has learned ‘on the job’ having left school at 16 and moved straight into the business.

    She is finding the market increasingly competitive and feels that she needs some help to respond to challenges in the trading environment.

    She is keen to grow the business and feels that she and the other managers in the business need to go through a leadership step change. Alice would benefit from accessing the Inspired Consultancy for external support and experience to help her plug her knowledge gaps and build a plan that supports her business development aims. The Business Vitality platform product will give access to a network of other business leaders and give access to products and services to help develop capabilities and skills.

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