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Many of our clients are looking to get investment into their businesses to enable them to grow or take advantage of a new opportunity. Maybe the Bank has said they can’t help but there are many other ways to get that cash into the business that you so much need – from Government Grants to alternative Lenders or private investors, Inspire has access to many different solutions

In other cases, passing the business on to a family member, or allowing the wider management team to buy the business, for example, can have significant financial implications both from a personal and business tax planning perspective. We try and encourage our business owners to plan early for their eventual desired outcomes and provide them with access to the right experts to help them understand the implications of those plans and some of the decisions they may make.

Or you simply may wish to explore how you can integrate your business and personal finances to take maximum advantage of tax breaks and smart financial planning to achieve your longer term financial goals.

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We are able to connect you with the right partners to help you and your leadership team explore the possibility of an MBO, for example, through to supporting you to identify the right purchasers if you wanted to exit your business via a trade sale.

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  • Bill

    Business Owner




    Business Owner

    Bill runs a successful high end kitchen business. Having delivered consistent levels of turnover and margin for 15 years, he is satisfied with how the business is performing and aims to continue to deliver stability for the immediate term.

    At 57 years of age he wants to plan his retirement. He wants to understand his options may to manage his own exit on terms that are agreeable to him, but that also leaves a well-run going concern for someone else to take over. He wants to explore a Management Buy Out or trade sale so would benefit from accessing our experts through the Inspired Investments service.

    He is also keen consider a merger as a route for him to exit. The networking and access to advice and guidance through the core Business Vitality product is also something that would benefit him.

  • Jenny

    Senior IT Director




    Senior IT Director

    Jenny is 47 and spent the first part of her career in senior IT Director level roles in Financial Services, where she had the ability to draw down on internal departments to help her get things done.

    Having set up her own business 5 years ago and seen it grow, Jenny is cynical about the use of external advisors but recognises the value in having the right support and knowledge around her. She values the wisdom of others when she can recognise that their knowledge is broader than her own.

    She is knowledgeable in her own field, but needs some help to establish more governance over the business as it starts to trade in areas that could expose wider operational risk. She would benefit from a discussion with us to explore the option of the Inspired Board.

    Jenny is also looking to raise capital. She wants to bolster her datacentre service offering without impacting her position as majority shareholder. We could help her explore competitively based interest rates on bank loans as well accessing government grants and loans.

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