Harness the power of a good board

You might think that setting up a board is an activity reserved for large corporations rather than for your small business, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

No business is too small to benefit from having a board. In fact, it’s such a powerful management tool that no small business should be without one. It will be your sounding board, a source of ideas and expertise. It will fill any knowledge gaps with expert help, innovate and challenge your thinking; and help you make contacts you wouldn’t otherwise make.

Finding and appointing one would normally be a painstaking and expensive process. So, let Inspire do the hard work for you – and find you the perfect ‘Virtual Board’ to turbo charge your business.

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Expertise and experience at your fingertips

Your board will be made up of a group of highly experienced, intelligent and accomplished business-people who have run large, successful business and have faced all the challenges of managing a fast-growing enterprise.

They will be able to offer guidance on all aspects of scaling a business as well as bringing a host of useful contacts and networks, in the UK and across the world.

They will also provide constructive challenge around business decisions and add that high level support which is usually found only in larger businesses.

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How will your board be appointed?

Inspire have spent time finding and bringing together a group of highly credible individuals who have the right experience and background to meet your needs.

We will help you decide on the skills and experience you need to assemble an impressive and effective board and bring the most appropriate individuals to your table.

Your new board will provide an exploratory initial virtual meeting between you both, quarterly virtual board meetings of up to two hours each and phone contact between meetings.

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Combine with Inspires Business Vitality service to benefit from advanced Board Mentor/Advisor matching and discounted Inspired Board costs.  What’s included in Business Vitality?

Business Vitality is the Inspire foundation service and offers all of the following from as little as £125 per month. Our mission is to provide all the resources you need to grow your business at a keenly affordable price.

You will receive quarterly 121 support from our team of business experts who will develop a relationship with you alongside a detailed understanding your business.  We take time to get to know you and your personal and business objectives and in time, you may want to have additional support from your business expert, which is available from the Inspired Board service.

With that close relationship comes a deep appreciation of who in our extensive network will be most useful to you in realising your ambitions.  This extends to our Partner network, providing you with every possible “department” that your business needs over the course of time and without having to hunt the market each time a service is required, be it something new or revisiting your existing suppliers.  Inspires Partners sign up to a bespoke service level agreement and will invariably show you what good looks like.  This part of the service alone saves hours of time!

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How can the Inspired Board help you?

  • Jenny

    Senior IT Director




    Senior IT Director

    Jenny is 47 and spent the first part of her career in senior IT Director level roles in Financial Services, where she had the ability to draw down on internal departments to help her get things done.

    Having set up her own business 5 years ago and seen it grow, Jenny is cynical about the use of external advisors but recognises the value in having the right support and knowledge around her. She values the wisdom of others when she can recognise that their knowledge is broader than her own.

    She is knowledgeable in her own field, but needs some help to establish more governance over the business as it starts to trade in areas that could expose wider operational risk. She would benefit from a discussion with us to explore the option of the Inspired Board.

    Jenny is also looking to raise capital. She wants to bolster her datacentre service offering without impacting her position as majority shareholder. We could help her explore competitively based interest rates on bank loans as well accessing government grants and loans.

  • Chris

    Startup Founder




    Startup Founder

    Chris has built a business off the back of a hobby in renewable heating solutions. The business has enjoyed double digit growth for the past 5 years.

    He is 35, has a young family. He find himself struggling to move the business forwards in a planned way because he feels he has hit the limits of his current level of business knowledge. He needs to fill some gaps quickly to allow him to keep up the pace of growth.

    The Knowledge Accelerator would him to gain more insights in bite sized chucks alongside other business leaders in a similar. He would also benefit from accessing the Inspired Board services to get experienced help in to the business to get some of the governance and wisdom that comes with people who have had senior level experience in larger businesses.

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