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Fully Funded

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What is Fully Funded?

Publicly funded business support is available to SME's across the South West. It comprises a mix of local authority, central Government and European funding. Some services are fully funded, meaning that the cost of these services is fully covered by public funding and other services are subsidised by public funding but require some level of business contribution. All services are provided at well below their true cost due to this valuable financial support from the public sector.

Access to National HelplineĀ 

FREE access to The National Growth Hub helpline which is geared to provide free impartial business advice. CallĀ 


Signposting to Swindon and Wiltshire Business Hub

The Swindon and Wiltshire Growth Hub is available for free impartial business advice.



(01225) 355553 If you have questions give us a call and speak to the people that can help.